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Anna Grudskaya's Piano Studio Policy

My Objectives

  • I will teach the language of music as a means of self-expression.

  • Lessons will encompass music theory, history, piano technique, musicianship, interpretation, and performance of piano literature.

  • Beginners will get acquainted with the keyboard, gain an awareness of relaxation and arm weight, learn proper playing habits, and cultivate their technique.

  • Intermediate/advanced students will refine their playing habits, expand their repertoire, develop freedom in their playing, and build the tools to express themselves through music.

  • I will tailor the curriculum to match the student’s learning needs.

  • I will organize two yearly studio recitals, in which students will perform in a nurturing, supportive environment.


Expectations for Students

  • Arrive to lessons punctually and well-prepared, with all books and completed theory assignments.

  • Practice at least 5 times per week. Like learning a foreign language, music requires steady development, so practice-cramming before a lesson is not productive. To make good progress, spread practicing through daily quality sessions during the week, doing a little at a time.

  • Keep fingernails trimmed short to ensure proper hand position and good technique.

  • Participate in yearly performances.


Expectations for Parents

  • Set aside a designated practice time for your child.

  • Supervise home practice sessions to make sure your child completes each assignment. Many children are not mature or disciplined enough to manage practicing without your support.

  • Have a piano or full-sized keyboard with 88-weighted keys, foot pedal and a bench at proper height in your home. A piano is strongly recommended as nothing can take the place of its touch and sound. The piano should be located in a well-lit place that allows practicing to be done with as few distractions as possible (TV and other siblings). Please keep it and the surrounding area clean.

  • Your encouragement and praise will be essential to your child’s success.


In-Home Lessons

  • If the student is not present for his or her lesson, I will wait ten minutes for them to arrive.

  • Parents or caregivers of young students, please do not leave during your child’s lesson. If an emergency arises we will need your assistance. Also, for the duration of his or her lesson, televisions in the same room as the piano must be turned off and younger siblings supervised.


Rescheduling Policies

  • Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Whenever possible, please let me know of absences well in advance. Each student is permitted one make-up lesson per month. Any other missed classes will be forfeited.

  • Each student is guaranteed his/her regular scheduled lesson each week unless the teacher is severely ill or perilous weather prevents her from traveling to your home. Lessons cancelled by the teacher will be rescheduled or credit will be given.


Obtaining Books and Other Necessary Supplies

  • Lesson Books - I will purchase the books and the cost will be added to your invoice for the following month.

  • Metronome - If you do not already own one, you will need to purchase a metronome or download a metronome app.

  • Practice Journal/Assignment Book – I will be writing detailed assignments and weekly goals for each student.



  • Tuition is charged on a monthly basis and is non-refundable. Invoices will be sent by email. Payment may be made by check or cash and is due by the 1st lesson of the month. A late payment penalty of $20 will be assessed for tuition not received by the 1st lesson. A fee of $20 will be charged for returned checks.

  • Tuition is based on enrollment, not attendance, and reserves the student’s lesson time throughout the year. Please reserve and prioritize this time in your family’s schedule.


       Tuition covers not only the actual lesson time spent with the student, but time preparing for each student as well. This includes:

  • Travel time

  • An individualized plan for each student's course of study

  • Written progress reports for each child at least once a year

  • Development of teaching materials

  • Training and experience

  • Recital preparation and repertoire planning


Termination of Services Policy

  • The instructor reserves the right to terminate lessons. Any violation of this studio policy, disrespectful behavior, and failure to complete assignments and prepare for lessons during the week are possible motivators for discontinuing lessons.

  • If you choose to discontinue lessons, you must give at least two weeks prior notice. I will do the same.


Contact Information

Please contact the studio for more information about rates and registration.



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